Designed to be Affordable

OneApp has been designed to be affordable; so that all businesses and organisations, from the smallest local to the largest multi-national, can better communicate with customers and contacts without the need for excessive investment.

Affordable Non-commercial Organisations

For non-commercial organisations (eg grassroots sports, schools, community organisations, non-commercial networking groups, etc) our rate is just £35 per month plus vat, with £150 initial set-up.

Affordable Small Business

For small business (5 or fewer employees and less than £250,000 turnover), our rate is just £75 per month plus vat, with £200 initial set-up.

Affordable Larger Business

For larger business (more than 5 employees and / or more than £250,000 turnover) our rate is just £125 per month plus vat; with £250 initial set-up.

Affordable Individually Branded Apps

The following additional charges will be required for individually-branded Apps:

– Apple Developer Fee of £100 per year

– ‘App Build’ and submission to App platforms – from £250

– Set-up of individual Apps within your ‘container’ – from £250 each


We are pleased to consider alternative ways of funding your App through collaboration … in particular where our relationship will help us to raise and sustain awareness in your sector and enable your audience groups to experience OneApp for themselves.

Additional Features and Functionality

Additional features and functionality will be offered as they become available; some may be incorporated into our standard pricing and some may be offered as optional where you can decide whether to add to your App.


– Set-up and ‘up front’ fees will be invoiced upon App delivery

– Monthly subscription fees will be collected by Direct Debit, on a recurring basis from the date of App delivery.

– The minimum subscription period is 12 months, thereafter cancellation can made by notifying in writing (email is fine) giving a minimum of 30 days’ notice. The Direct Debit will be cancelled immediately following the date of the next payment.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions, which also includes our Privacy Policy.