OneApp Community

OneApp Community

OneApp Community will be launched in autumn 2018 as a community business directory to work alongside the traditional printed village post so that residents can always have their details and information to hand.

Who are the electricians in the village?

Is there a local company that delivers pet food?

Can the local beauty salon do wedding nails?

Events and important things happening locally could also be included, as well as having a proactive push notification newsletter.

Many villages and communities will have set up a Facebook page – which is great for sending out quick and timely information eg “there are delays on the main road due to a breakdown”, “is anybody having difficulty with their internet”, or to announce things for sale.

But, where not everybody is on Facebook, most people will have a smart phone

OneApp Community represents an easy to use, easy to manage way of helping to present and promote local businesses to the community – whenever and wherever required.

Demo App

We have created a demo, which can be found by downloading OneApp G6 on and iOs device or android phone.

The username is

And the password is thorney

Please be aware that you will have your own, individual home screen as well as your own preferred colour branding.

Affordable Fundraiser

There would be zero initial subscription cost to the Community … we would charge just £10 plus vat per year to set up each company (business directory, business sectors and business profiles).

This would also apply if you’d like us to add new companies at any time.

Your App will be published on OneApp and available to promote throughout your Community. There are no restrictions to the number of people who can download your App.

You are free to commercialise advertiser inclusion as you like so as to raise additional funds for the community.

You will have your own Content Management System account so that you can update, add to or amend any of your information at any time … as well as send out proactive push notification messages. Or we can manage this for you for a nominal fee.

No Risk

OneApp Community is a no risk proposition as there is no need to commit to anything until your advertisers have agreed to participate.

Before putting a pricing model in place, we would suggest offering to your advertisers either just to cover the £10 plus vat set up cost or at a slightly higher rate to generate a modest return.

This would give the time to encourage your Community to download and begin using the App; after which a pricing structure for advertisers can be introduced if you so choose.

Let’s Get Started

All we need to get started is a recent copy of the printed (or pdf) village magazine.

Really looking forward to hearing from you.