Peterborough Biscuit

App for the Peterborough Biscuit

Boud Digital will be producing the Exhibitor Guide for the Peterborough Biscuit 2017 using our affordable app system; where contact details for all exhibitors will be presented along with a comprehensive company overview and relevant information for visitors.

The Biscuit Business Event takes place on 8th February; for most events, when the doors close at the end of the day, that is it until the next year. Job done. Time to go home and leave the exhibitors to follow up with those they met on the day.

But, from 9th February, the Business Event App will become the Biscuit Marketplace – so that exhibitors and others in the local business community may continue engagement throughout the year.

You will be able to continually present your product and services through the App, and also to proactively update it with your ‘news and views’ – which will be pushed out in a regular summary to all users through a notification to their device.

Participation is open to anybody in the local business community. The cost is £150 plus vat and will be valid until the Biscuit 2018.

Biscuit exhibitors will receive the first four months without charge as a benefit of their participation in this inaugural event.

The Peterborough Biscuit App can be downloaded for
Apple iPhone and iPad or Android Phone

Please contact Michael Shuster on 07957 576765 or email for more information.

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